About Us

Hey Rebel! Our mission is to bring you the highest quality CBD products to promote balance to your mind, body and soul. We are are here to help you create healthy daily rituals that support your individual wellness. We believe in striving to be your best self which all starts with finding and maintaining balance from the inside out. We understand what it's like to feel unbalanced in your body and in your life, to struggle with stress, sleep, anxiety or pain. CBD is critical to self care. It has properties that work harmoniously with receptors in your body to help reduce stress and inflammation, improve focus, support sleep, promote calm, and so much more.
Whether it’s a drop of one of our premium tinctures in the morning, busting out our deep cool cream for a post workout muscle mend or popping a nighttime softgel for some sound sleep, we got the goods to help you build a solid daily routine for rest, relaxation and recovery. We are all being challenged, now more than ever. How you show up each day, especially in the face of adversity, matters! Being consistent matters! How you care for yourself so that you can care for others, matters! So join the rebellion and discover your rebel rituals because we want to help you rise, grind & unwind. - Bare Rebel